Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's been so long~

Let me see...
My last post was...
1.5 YEARS ago???!!!
Time sure flies when one is having fun~
Of course with assessments and tests, it's no fun~

But with my friends...
I love you guys~
Too bad some of you guys are leaving soon~
=C *sob*~
So I will make this post a special tribute to my gang~

*This pic got 9 characters in it!!*
Let's start off with the gal I know the longest: Wenhui~
Whenever I open my mouth, the odds of getting "shot" by you is 80%~
I know you will say "You gaki lor lei sui(you find the trouble by yourself)"~
After you leave, I will have to find someone who I can practice arguing with~
If not, later when you meet up with me after going overseas(or at least out of here)~
Then you become so outspoken~
At that time, I scare I can't win an argument against you~

Next off to Meising, the soft spoken, genius, non-polluted, pure, curly hair and pure gal in our gang(yes, I just wrote PURE twice)~
Just kidding~
But I'm not!
Joking, really~

Who's next?
That kiampa Yuwen~
Though you are a genius~
Please don't act so geli-ly~
Always say you are wenhui's neighbor~
Say more la, later she move away just to avoid you~

When I think of you, I thought of ChinHui~
Cz she's the first non-PCGHS friend YuWen get in TAFE!
ChinHui oh ChinHui~
You are so quiet~
Don't be so shy~
Maybe you shyness might attract someone(if you know what I mean)~
Maybe I should learn from you~
Maybe, maybe not~
Should I?
(I know you guys will say YES YOU SHOULD but NO I WILL NOT and with a WAKAKAKAKA)~

NEXT to your same type of people, SheauGee!
That's all I will write~
Just kidding~
Gossip about you is lots of fun~
Cz you always respond to it~
Who's your next target?
(Tell me secretly or publicly if you want)~

With SheauGee, next up have to be YiWen~
We love same type of comic~
BTW, love your hair~
Ignore the bad comments~
Thanks for the Tax information given before last sem's Tax Final!!
And oh ya~
Anything you say, big boss!!

PeiJuin will be next!
You really shows Leo's characteristic: strong, proud etc~
And have crazy long hair~
When I ask "How long you take to dry your hair?"~
You say "About half an hour only" "ONLY?!"~
I don't have that patience~
You also love comic with weird plot right?
*high 5*~

The last one, not the least loved one~
Just I save the best for last, Evon(I love you guys equally, so don't be jealous)~
Of all our gang member, you look the baddest~
That's just your look (right?)~
Can't wait until your braces come off~
Though it's still very long~

I think that's all~
So much typo error!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Break~

It's like 2 weeks already~
Since I went in INTI~
It's quite fun there~
I quite like it there~
Now I am having Chinese New Year break~

I m so bored~
How ironic~
I know~
How I love holidays when I am in PCGHS~
And after the break~
Got assignment some more~
It's group assignment~
And need to do a presentation~
What's worse is~
That day we need to wear office wear!!~
I don't even know what is office wear~
My mom say need to wear skirts and heels~
I can't imagine what that day would be~
More sigh*~
CNY I didn't go out much~
Always got traffic jam~
Waste of time and petrol~
I don't have much people to visit too~
Some relatives only~
Like not more that 10 people only~
So it's kinda bored~
My bro say I am fat~
I know I m fat~
But what can I do~
I already so long didn't exercise~

Happy Chinese New Year to all people I know~
Wish you guys a prosper and lucky tiger year~
I love tiger~
My favorite animal~
And oh yeah~
I am going to PCGHS this Friday~
Hopefully I am still welcomed there~
Am I? Am I??~~
> <~
Can't wait~~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Many Things To Do~

I got kinda busy after going to college~
Hardly online~
And of course~
Very hardly play online games~
To be exact~
It had been like a week or so since I last played online games~
Even I got the time~
I got so tired that~
I just gave up all my free time in resting~
AKA sleeping~

Or I would be doing some homework~
It feels like it had been years since I really wrote something~
Note: It's just 2 - 3 months only~
And oh yeah~
The highly anticipated car is finally here~~
Actually this news is like already 3 days old~
Just I didn't have the time to write~
I really love the car~
Especially the rims~
Its black chrome~

Something like this~
Of course the one my bro pick is way cooler than this~
I only know that there is such a rim until my bro pick them~
I have always thought there is only silver, chromed and black~
My bro just knew that day too~
And I even got to know there is a rim which is in chameleon paint~
How cool was that~
Of course~
This info is from my bro~
My knowledge on cars are not that high level yet~
> <~
And what would suit the black chrome rims better than~
Red nuts~~
It looks so cool~
Love it~~
Zettai daisuki~~

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Brand New World~

Yesterday was my 1st day in college~
At 1st i want to write something about it yesterday~
Just something happened and my house went electric-less~
Let me see~
2 days in the college~
I gotta wake up so early~
Every morning I walks like zombies~
Something like this~

Until I bathe~
Of course before I go to college~
College is a new thing for me~
It is kinda hard in getting use to it~
I have been quite lonely there~
I can't imagine what I would do if the lecturer were to give us a group assignment now~
> <"~
For now~
I got a bit of transport problem~
But I think it will be solved soon~
The lecturer were kinda funny~
It kinda help us break the ice~
And when I enter the lecture room~
I got a sudden feeling of tiny-ness~
I am short~
But at least the tallest in my school is like 170cm only~
But in college~
There are guys already~
> <~
All so tall~
Most of them~
My brain just scream "I am so tiny!!"~
In my class~
I am not sure I am the shortest or not~
At least top 3~
It's still fine~
Hopefully I can make friends~
And hopefully~
I can make friends before any group assignment starts~
^ ^~

Monday, January 25, 2010


I kept downloading new games~
Some didn't work~
Can't update properly~
Or just no server here~
Its most frustrating is~
I tried a lot of times~
And eventually get the game running~
And when I try to log in~
It writes~
I almost smash my computer~
Cause it is so frustrating~
And it does not happen only once or twice~
Sigh again*~
After all the time waiting~
Trying to update it~
Then when it does update~
And what I get is that~
I cant play this game~
Oh my god~
> <~
I found dis cool artist~
In deviant art~
I just love his drawing~
It is so cool~
Here is an example~

How cool was this picture?~
The other pictures are very cool too~
I just put up this one~
Cause it is the first one in my folder~
I know I am lazy~
But I just can't choose~
All the pictures were just too good~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Man VS Car~

I just take my car exam today~
And I passed~~
Although during the test~
I got scolded by the tester~
Note: Not entirely my fault~
But all it matters is~
The word on the result paper~
It writes LULUS~
Pass in malay~

Even after so much scolding~
I still smiles~
As long as I pass~
The tester want to scold me~
I am OK with it~
Very happy now~
Now I can leave that place for good~
I would be like this if I have to stay longer~

Just torturing~
I wasted so much time already~
Just left mimi only~
You gotta heal soon~
So that you can be like these pandas~

Panda with an attitude~
Gambateh oo~~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Otanjoubi omedeto~ Phei Wei~

Really sorry I didn't remember~
My handphone memory is all gone when I changed it~
Once again~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to Phei Wei~~
Happy birthday to you~

Wish you~
Always cute~
Kawaii desu~~

Wish you~
Become more lady-like~
> <~
What I mean is become more beautiful~~

It so happen that I got pictures that have the same kind of cake~~
I think that is strawberry cream cake~
With some strawberries in it and as topping~
I think~
It looks so nice and delicious~

And don't forget chocolates~
Lots and lots of chocolate~
My favorite~
I hope you like it too~~
And I know~

That you really like conan~~
Here is a picture where conan is sound asleep~
So cute~~
And of course~

The handsome form of conan~
*hearts fly all over*~
*blush like mad*~
And I manage to find~

A birthday-wish-conan~~
Although it says "happy belated birthday"~~
I am a bit late if you look at it strictly~
And 1 more~

Just for laugh~
So cute rite?
Just wana squeeze it~
Happy birthday again~